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How Flux Compares to Other Leading Oracles
A Comparative Framework Overview of Blockchain Oracles

While blockchains remain incapable of perceiving the world around them, there is no shortage of interfaces that not only enable them to see the world but also react to the outcome of specific events based on predefined conditions. These interfaces, known as oracles, feed data from external sources to the blockchain, drastically improving the capabilities and utilities of the technology through smart contracts.

With no one blockchain or consensus to rule them all, oracles platforms have been more or less as diverse and varied as the…

Open data infrastructure provider, Flux Protocol has announced the successful close of its seed round for re-architecting the future of decentralized finance. The oversubscribed event, which garnered participation from luminaries in the industry, successfully raised $10.3 million, underscoring the importance of Flux Protocol’s groundbreaking solution to the current bottlenecks in the space.

The round was led by Distributed Global, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, CoinFund, Uncorrelated, Figment Capital, Maven 11, Reciprocal Ventures, Jabre Capital, Greenfield One, IOSG, Flow Ventures, among others, including industry leaders Hart Lambur co-founder of UMA and Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of NEAR Protocol. …

The recent explosion of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) has elevated the interaction of real-world events and blockchain technology from exotic jaunts to mission-critical components. As the appetite of traditional establishments for leveraging this technology continues to grow, so has the need for infrastructures that allows them to safely plug real-world data on to the blockchain.

For all the “smarts” appended to its name, smart contracts possess neither the intelligence nor ability to discern what is right in front of them. Rather, its perceived ingenuity is in its ability to autonomously execute value exchange without any third-party interaction. Despite this, there is…


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